Signs of autumn

We went on an autumn walk today, looking for signs of the changing seasons around the school grounds. We examined our finds closely using the magnifying glasses and talked about what’s the same and what’s different. We identified some of the leaves and the acorns and beech mast that we found. A great science lesson — on a lovely sunny afternoon!




The children have worked very hard in their maths so far this term. Last week, we focused on using cubes to represent numbers to ten and to recognise an amount quickly. We also explored the composition of numbers to ten and worked on our number bonds. Take a look at the photos to get a flavour of what we were doing. Today, we moved on to trying to work systematically to find and represent all the number bonds to 10.


More traditional games



The children enjoyed learning how to play ‘Grandma’s Footsteps’ today as well as having another go at hopscotch. We hope that the Year 1 children will teach some of the older children some traditional playground games towards the end of term.

Toys and games old and new

We started our topic on toys and games old and new today. We looked at some toys and tried to work out whether they were old or new. Mrs Smith’s teddy definitely looked old (and well loved!). We then went out to the playground and learned how to play hopscotch properly. There was some very speedy hopping!┬áThe children took turns very well and we were very proud of them. We hope to learn some more traditional playground games in the next few weeks.


Home reading books and library books

New home reading books will be sent home with the children later this week. A timetable will be sent out today. It shows the day of the week on which your child will change their home reading book. (from next week onwards). Please make sure that your child brings in their book and reading record on that day.

In addition, children will choose a library book during a timetabled library slot once a fortnight on a Wednesday afternoon. Those who did not visit the library last week will do so tomorrow.

Thanks for your support. Happy reading!


Welcome to Year 1

Hello and welcome to a new year in the Year 1 class.

Over the next 2 days if the children would like to bring in a photo of their holiday or a picture of their family this would be a lovely way to get to know one another.

This afternoon some of the children chose a library book to bring home. They can keep this book for two weeks and then exchange it for a new one. The children who haven’t been in the Library yet will go in next week and do the same.




Thank you!

We just wanted to say a big thank you for all your kind words and lovely presents. We were very touched by them all.

It has been lovely to get to know your children this year. We will miss them but we’re sure they will have a great time in Year 2.

Have a good summer!