The weather forecast is for a snowy day tomorrow. You can of course send your children to school in wellies or boots with a change of shoes for the classroom. You might also want to put in their bag a pair of thick, dry socks as our classroom can get a bit chilly.


Unfortunately, we are not currently receiving any fruit deliveries to school. If your child would like a snack at playtime could you please put some fruit or other healthy snack into their bag.

Thank you.

Google classroom, check-ins and reading books

As you know, we are posting lessons on Google Classroom for children learning at home. You will find these under the classwork tab. Each day, there will be some phonics, maths and wider curriculum activities. These will be a mixture of pre-recorded sessions from us, and videos from other educational sources which we use in school, such as Read Write Inc. These learning activities will be mirrored in school, ensuring all children in school or at home have the opportunity to access the same learning experiences. Please don’t worry if you don’t complete all of the activities as we completely understand that you are trying to juggle lots of different things at home. If you can upload some photos of your child’s learning each week onto Google Classroom then we can monitor your child’s progress and provide feedback and praise. If you have any questions regarding the activities, please message us on Google Classroom.  

Daily check-ins on Google Meet for children learning at home start at 9.10am tomorrow. We hope that children learning at home will be able to join us but we completely understand if it is difficult, and we can check in with you in different ways, if that’s easier. The meeting link for the check-in is in the stream on Google Classroom.

We will continue to send home reading books for children in school on their reading days. For those children learning at home, please email us on and we can arrange for you to pick up a pack of books from the school gate at a quiet time.

Finally, please remember that we are here to support you and your children at this extremely difficult time. Please do get in contact if you need any extra support or if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you to everyone again for your continued support and cooperation.

Extra jumpers

Just a quick note to say that you might want to send an extra jumper in with your child if they are in school as we do leave doors and windows open during the day for ventilation. It can get a bit chilly.

Rugger Eds on Wednesday afternoons

Hello everybody

Rugger Eds will be coming in to do PE with our class on a Wednesday afternoon. Please send children in PE kit on a Wednesday (not Thursday) from this week. The session will be in the Sports Hall. It may be cold so do feel free to send your child with warm jogging bottoms and a warm jumper or top.

Thank you

Purple Mash spelling quizzes

We will be starting to set new spelling quizzes on Purple Mash from next Monday (11 January 2021). We will also be learning to spell the same words in class. The Purple Mash quizzes are intended as homework so both children in school and those at home would benefit from having a go at them. Thank you very much!

New Year & Remote Learning

Happy New Year to you all! Not quite the start to the term we had anticipated!

You should have received today an email with regards to sending your child to school if you are a key worker or if your child falls into the vulnerable category. For those who will be home learning, new activities will be available on google classroom tomorrow morning and the classroom will be updated with new activities daily. If you have any problems accessing googleclassroom please send us an email at If you have questions about any of the activities you can also send messages via the classroom.

We completely understand the difficulties of home learning, particularly as you try to work from home yourselves. Do what you can and please don’t worry. We will be in school and are here to help if you have any concerns.

Stay safe and we look forward to welcoming the full class back next half term.

Remote learning

This is just to say that a video of our school carol service will be posted on Google Classroom later today. We hope to make the video of the nativity available by the end of tomorrow as well. We hope you enjoy sharing these with your child. Reflecting on the Advent message and looking forward to Christmas is the focus for remote learning for today (Monday 21st) and tomorrow (Tuesday 22nd).

A Christmas-themed maths workbook was sent home with children on Friday. This is simply to help children practise key number skills, such as number bonds, addition and subtraction. Please do not feel that your child has to complete all of it: use it as you feel best suits you and your child.

Please do keep reading with your child as well as asking your child to read to you. All children should have their RWI reading books at home. In addition, if your child reads other stories that they really enjoy over the holidays and would like to tell us about, we would love to hear about them in show and tell in January! It’s always lovely to hear about their favourite books.

Thank you all for your support. We hope you all have a wonderful, peaceful holiday. Happy Christmas!

Thank you!

Thank you so much for all the kind gifts and Christmas wishes and thank you for all your support this term. We hope you and the children have a lovely Christmas break.

Mrs Smith, Mrs Corcoran, Mrs Glossop and Mr Pritchard