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Christmas Week

Dear Parents,

For the Nativity  the children will wear their P.E. kits and a piece of coloured tinsel around their heads. Any colour you have in at home: gold, silver, red, green etc.

We also ask children to bring a contribution of food for the Christmas party on Thursday: little sausages, juice, crisps etc. There will be a sign up sheet on the door on Monday so we can ensure we have a range and not too much of one thing.

Many thanks


KS1 nativity

We have been asked to be the band for this year’s nativity. Children will be wearing their PE kits. Please make sure that your child has his or her PE kit in school from Friday 15 December. We will be wearing them for the dress rehearsal as well as the performances.

We look forward to seeing you at the nativity!



Homework week beginning 11.12.17

Spellings this week are as, could, what, oh and I’m. The video on maths with parents is about addition by ‘making ten’. This is something we have been working hard on in class. It would be great if you and your child could look at it together. We are continuing to practise capital letter formation and numbers 1 to 20 in words.

Thanks for your support

Homework week beginning 4.12.17

There is a new video on the maths with parents website. It is all about ‘making ten’. We hope you enjoy it! Spellings this week are hereallaskedlooked and make. It would be great if you and your child could also practise spelling the numbers 1 to 20 in words as well as forming capital letters.

Many thanks