This afternoon Joash’s Mum came in to teach us about the amazing country Uganda. It was a very exciting and interactive session and the children had the opportunity to learn about the geography, food, weather, animals, music and life in Uganda. We played traditional musical instruments and danced to Ugandan music. The children had so many questions to ask.

Can you remember the name of the very famous river that flows through Uganda?

Sheffield United Coaching

On Thursday we had a fun P.E. lesson in the sports hall with Braydon from Sheffield Utd. We learnt new skills including chest, underarm and bounce passes and played the traffic light game. The children demonstrated excellent focus, concentration and put lots of effort into the session.

Prediction and testing

Today in science we thought about how we could make a boat. We discussed which materials would be best and then came up with ideas about how we could test those materials. We predicted which objects made from different materials would sink or float and then tested them. Some of the results were surprising so we re-tested (just like real scientists do). Everybody then tried to apply their understanding to building a boat. We tested them to see which were the best designs.

It was lovely to see the children working together and helping each other build their boats.


Toys at Weston Park museum

What a great trip we had last week!

We started the day by looking at the toys in the Sheffield Life and Times gallery and trying to work out how old they were. The children looked at what the toys were made of and what condition they were in. They thought about whether they had batteries or lights and whether they were linked to TV or film characters. We discovered that the oldest toys in the collection came from Ancient Egypt.

The children then had a chance to be curators themselves and to choose toys for a display case.

They investigated a huge range of old and new toys and each chose one for the display.


Take a look at the result!


After that, the children made a game board and counters for noughts and crosses out of clay. We’re going to paint them when they are dry.

We also had the whole afternoon to explore the rest of the Museum. It really was a fantastic day.

A great big thank you to all our helpers!


Position and direction

We’ve been learning about position and direction in maths. The children used their understanding of algorithms from ICT to ‘program’ their friends to move around the playground (5 steps forward, turn left, 3 steps forward, etc). They are learning to tell left from right. It would be great if you could reinforce this at home.

Homework week beginning 12.11.18

Spellings this week are: went, all, she, was, look. It would be great if you could practise these in fun ways with your child. Your child may even want to try putting them into sentences.

Please continue to do the activities on 2D and 3D shapes on the maths with parents website.

Thank you to everyone for the comments on the maths with parents website. It really is very interesting to read them.