Holy Week

We have had a wonderful week, learning about all the important events that started on Psalm Sunday. We have found out about the Last Supper, what happened on Good Friday and the events of Easter Sunday. The children have been involved with drama, music, story telling and they have created a story board.

Today we have had the opportunity to experience the Easter Story Walk through our grounds led by the Liturgy leaders. It has been a special week and the Year 5 pupils gave a magnificent performance capturing the final events of Jesus’ life.

Here are some of the photos from the Easter Story Walk today.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

God Bless

Important information for the summer term

Welcome back! We hope you all had a great holiday.

We are going to be practising spelling common exception words (‘red’ or ‘tricky’ words) at the same time as we are practising handwriting.

Your child will bring home an activity booklet each Wednesday. We would like your child to complete one page of activities per week. Please encourage them to use the correct cursive letter formation starting every letter from the line. The first page to complete will be page 2. Please send the activity booklet back into school with this page completed on the Tuesday after Easter (and every Monday from then on). All children who complete their work will get a homework sticker.

There will be a new maths with parents video on the website. We are going to be looking at halves and quarters of shapes and quantities.

Please ensure your child has a full PE kit in school from the first week back.

Year 1 will be doing their class assembly on Friday 3 May at 9am. All parents, carers and grandparents are invited to join us.

We are looking forward to the new term!

Mrs Smith and Mrs Goodchild





Homework week beginning 18.3.19

This week’s spellings are tricky words beginning with the ‘wh’ sound: what, when and where. We have looked at these before but it’s still worth practising them!

There is a new video on maths with parents all about adding and subtracting 1s and 10s.

We are putting lots of effort into good letter formation in class at the moment. It would be great if the children could continue to practise this at home.

Many thanks

Colour science

Another great day for Y1 science! We were lucky enough to have a parent come in to teach us all about colour science, chromatography and spectroscopy. The children drew coloured dots on paper and then put them in water to see how the colours separate (if they are dyes which dissolve) or do not separate (if they are pigments which do not dissolve).

The children listened with great attention and thoroughly enjoyed the experiment. They are getting very good at predicting and testing. Well done, Year 1, and thank you to our visitor!


Our first science week visitor

We were very lucky today. One of our parents, who is a doctor working on infectious diseases, came in to talk to the class about micro-organisms and hand hygiene. The children were very interested to learn all about germs and they asked lots of great questions. They tried on a stethoscope and then looked at models of germs.

The models had been treated with a special cream (‘pretend germs’) which shows up under UV light, so the children were able to see how much had come off onto their hands when they were touching the models. They all washed their hands very thoroughly afterwards! We learned that we need to wash our hands for as long as it takes to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice if we are to clean them properly.


Our visitor then showed us how many of the ‘pretend germs’ were transferred from person to person. She put some on her hands, then shook hands with someone else, who high-fived someone else, who then shook hands with the last person. There was quite a lot on the first person’s hands, but by the time the germs had been transferred to the last person, there weren’t very many at all.





Thank you so much! We’ve learned a lot and had great fun at the same time.

Wet weather and lost property

We would be grateful if you could put some spare socks, tights, etc, in your child’s PE bag, so that they have something dry to put on if they get wet playing outside after it has been raining.

We have found quite a few jumpers in the classroom so if you are missing one, please do ask!

Thank you

World Book Day in Year 1

We have had a busy day celebrating world book day.

First we enjoyed Year2/3’s class assembly all about World Book day. Then we thought about the story, ‘Canary across the Mersey’ by Dr. Michael Boyle and thought of questions we wanted to ask the author. Dr Boyle came into our class and he enjoyed answering all our questions.

We had our costume parade in the school hall which was very exciting and in the afternoon we enjoyed spending time with Year 4/5 to share books.