St.Wilfrid’s World Book Day

We are enjoying the day.


Spellings this week

Spellings will come home on Friday. They are what, why, very, school and today.

Thank you!

MRI scans for science week

Mrs Roxby came and explained all about magnetic resonance imaging. The children drew round themselves and added scans of body parts to the outlines. You can see that they had a great time and learned a lot about our bodies. Thank you, Mrs Roxby!

Fingerprints and forensic science

Dr Wolstenholme told us all about her work in forensic science. The children examined their fingerprints very closely. They then used pictures of fingerprints to solve a puzzle. Fantastic science and great detective work! The children all had a great time. Thank you, Dr Wolstenholme!

Sunlight and the sea

We learned all about the different levels of the ocean from one of the projects we shared today. Did you know that there are three zones (the sunlight zone, the twilight zone and the midnight zone) and that different creatures live in each one? The colours in the jar show the zones. Fantastic work!


The other project showed lots of different sea creatures — plus the Titanic! What a lovely idea. Well done!