Super science

Last week we had a lovely time looking for signs of spring outside (although it was hot enough to be summer!).

Our topic for the rest of the term will be plants. We will be looking at the structure of plants and identifying different plants, flowers and trees. We will also be keeping a close eye on our bean plants to see which ones have grown tall and strong and which ones haven’t.




Pentecost Day

When Jesus returned to his Father in heaven the disciples felt scared and alone. They hid away in a locked room. The children have been thinking about what happened on the day the disciples received the Holy Spirit on Pentecost day.

We have been thinking about how the disciples felt and what it was like on that day.

Today we have been doing drama and movement to The Four Seasons – Vivaldi to imagine what it must have been like for the disciples. Here are some pictures showing what we have done. We have used mirrors to look at what we look like when we look sad, worried, upset, astonished, surprised, amazed.

Phonics Meeting

Dear Parents,

There will be a phonics meeting on Monday starting promptly at 9am. Please drop your children off at school as usual and then meet in the Reception area and sign in.

Look forward to seeing you then.

Year 1 Team

Another date for phonics workshop

We hope you found tonight’s phonics workshop useful. It was great to see you all.

We would like to hold the same workshop again on another date to give parents/carers another opportunity to find out more about how to support your child with phonics. We are thinking of holding the workshop on Monday 21 May at 9am. Please let us know whether you would be able to make it; you can talk to us at school or email us.

We can then see if there is likely to be enough uptake.

Thank you.


Homework week beginning 8.5.18

There will be a new video on maths with parents from Friday. The current video is about length and the next one will be about mass/weight. There are some great activities to try out.

We would be grateful if you could continue to practise speed sounds with your child. Little and often is best!

Handwriting will be sent home on Friday.

Many thanks for your support

Toy sale

Thank you to everyone for all their support with today’s toy sale. We had lots of great toys and books to sell and we raised lots of funds for Good Shepherd.

Thanks again